Dengiz Kürşat
In our highly competitive world, Dengiz Kürşat diversifies his services whereby he manages the wealth, risks, projects and costs of his clients with his unprecedented experience in the sector.

Who is Dengiz Kürşat?

Dengiz Kürşat was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on 13 July 1976. After completing his secondary education in Nicosia Turkish Maarif College (TMK) , he graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration at Bilkent University in 1998, and in May 2000, he graduated from the University of Miami located in the State of Florida, in the USA with a double major in Masters in Marketing and Management (MBA) with High Honors.

Dengiz Kürşat began his professional career in 2000 in the USA. He specialized in Internet Marketing, popular occupation of our time, at, which is a sub-organization of Netel Inc Immediately in the following year, he became a partner of a new company, Inmar Online LLC, which was specialized in integrated internet marketing with his business partners in .

After a very successful business year, he realized the opportunities offered by the construction boom in Northern Cyprus in 2003 during Annan Plan period, he quitted his company in the USA and returned back to the island.

After he had returned back to Cyprus in August 2003, he established the first RE/MAX Franchise offices in Cyprus (both in the South and North) by signing a Franchise agreement with RE/MAX International. RE/MAX Franchise offices that he had opened in Girne and Lefkoşa are, in particular, the first Real Estate Franchise offices, and in general, RE/MAX brand is the first franchise company that has been brought to Northern Cyprus across all sectors. This breakthrough has revolutionized the real estate sector in Northern Cyprus.

Dengiz Kürşat has, in the mean time, been specialized in the fields of Property Wealth Management and Luxury Properties.

Following a very successful cooperation period of 12 years with RE/MAX, he sold his Franchise rights in RE/MAX in 2015, and he established Avertiss Real Estate LTD, which is the first and sole Local Real Estate Franchise brand in Northern Cyprus, which is a childhood dream realized.

The head office of Avertiss is situated in Girne, and in February 2018, Avertiss Lefkoşa Satellite Office was opened, and in September 2018 Avertiss Lefke Franchise office was opened. Avertiss Lefke Franchise office is the first office that has been established by a Franchise License given to a business partner by a brand of Northern Cyprus origin operating in the service sector.

Dengiz Kürşat also attaches great importance to Civil Society works in addition to his own professional business, and he was elected as the Chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Businessmen Association (İŞAD) in 2016 following his duty as the Vice-Chairman for 8 years.

He is known for his strong interest in cars and football, and he is a Galatasaray fan.

He is a father of two children named Bora and Derin.

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