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Avertiss Exclusive Real Estate Ltd. is the first Corporate Real Estate Marketing Franchise in Northern Cyprus...

Opportunities of Avertiss Franchise

Avertiss Real Estate Ltd. is the first Corporate Real Estate Franchise in Northern Cyprus. Avertiss has an organizational, follow-up and marketing system infrastructure that completely adheres to international standards and that is capable of competing with the biggest real estate marketing organizations in the world. In addition to this, our company has high command of the legal order applicable to the Real Estates in Northern Cyprus which has a sui generis real estate regime that does not have any precedence.

Avertiss is capable of giving trainings that are best fit to the legal, financial and bureaucratic conditions of Cyprus under its own umbrella; and therefore it is able to foster a ‘Real Estate Agents’ profile that is most amenable to Cyprus’ conditions.

Consequently it is the first and sole company of Cypriot origin that is of word standards and which provides the most effective local Broker Support specific to Cyprus at the same time.

Parallel to this, Avertiss, which has a system of international standards, the functions and success of which have been proven, also presents entrepreneurs wishing to establish their own businesses but who does not want to lose any time with branding, intranet agent follow-up and performance evaluation systems, as well as Real Estate Agent trainings with the opportunity to establish their own profitable businesses with much lower costs in Northern Cyprus when compared to their competitors coming from abroad.

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